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Review techniques for increased quality in financial models (with Leigh Tomlinson)

£99.00 inc. VAT

A structured approach to spreadsheet or financial model review is highly recommended for any professional or organisation using Excel to develop tools to support decision making processes. This session will highlight risky areas of any spreadsheet and financial model, while also demonstrating some tangible techniques around how to best identify the issues.


Who is this for?

If you are developing models or complex spreadsheets, and want to improve your systematic quality assurance processes, then this is for you. Alternatively, if you are responsible for a team where modelling quality could be improved then you will also find this session valuable.


What you will learn:

✔︎ Increase insight into ‘typical errors’ and how they can be identified

✔︎ Learn more about how commercial add-ins for spreadsheet can be a good investment for increased quality

✔︎ Understand the native functionality in in Excel which helps you find errors

✔︎ Discover dynamic stress-testing functionality to find high-level errors without cell-by-cell review


What’s included?
▶️ 4.5 hours on-demand class with Leigh Tomlinson, ACA Chartered Accountant
🎓 Claim up to 4.5 hours of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours / points
🗂 All presentation and spreadsheet files
🗓 Lifetime on-demand access
🌐 Join from anywhere in the world


*This Masterclass is also included in our 6x Masterclasses Bundle , as well as, our all-inclusive Conference + 6x Masterclasses full event package.

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Technical requirements: Excel (any version)


About your Instructor:

Leigh Tomlinson is a financial modelling specialist focused on the development and delivery of courses in the energy, infrastructure and environment sector at international advisory, accounting and tax firm Mazars. Leigh is passionate about empowering financial modelling professionals and teams with the right skill sets for their specific environment, and has extensive experience developing and reviewing models in addition to his deep transaction experience.

Full profile can be accessed here.