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XelPlus is an Excel resource site run by Leila Gharani, to help people gain the knowledge they need so they can create useful tools, solve problems and get more done. Leila’s courses & tutorials are for those who use Excel at work and want to become better. For those that want to contribute by coming up with solutions to problems.


The tools we have for data visualization & data analysis have never been so easy to use. We just have to learn what they are, how to use them and how to get creative with them. That’s Leila’s aim with this site.


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Excel Power Pivot and DAX – Beginner to Pro

Leila Gharani teaches Excel Power Pivot and DAX – Beginner to Pro. Get the Complete Excel POWER PIVOT & DAX Course. Includes 14+ hours of in-depth video tutorials, 60+ workbooks, your very own eBook covering complex topics in written form, and 2 business dashboards. It’s a course that thousands of bright minds, Excel wizards, and high-performing company workers have gone through to make a difference in their work and their lives.


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