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Company Description

With Sheetcast, average users can create fully customizable web apps in minutes, from within Excel! Sheetcast is the newest innovation from Pleasant Solutions, an elite incubator of many distinct departments and brands within the tech sphere.


Pleasant Solutions specializes in custom software — with clients including major banks, governments, and institutions — so with this patented breakthrough, we are forever disrupting our own industry.


Enable your clients/teams to streamline workflows and increase efficiency by leveraging their existing Excel skill set to create their own custom web apps.


Users are able to roll out new processes instantly, without development delays, while management has the peace of mind knowing they’re built upon the same high-security foundation trusted by many of the world’s most demanding industries.


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Product Demo Session

11 February | 17:00-17:45 GMT

Innovate Without Changing Anything – Live Product Demo


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Jason Clarke

VP of Sales at Sheetcast

Jason Clarke, VP of Sales at Pleasant Solutions (parent of Sheetcast), has built a career around helping businesses innovate and grow by providing practical solutions and recommendations.


Under Jason’s leadership, Pleasant has seen several years of growth including a successful expansion into the US. This includes developing channel partners, corporate accounts, and launching new products and services.


With the launch of Sheetcast, Jason will leverage his experience as a consultant designing Excel-based systems for businesses. He will identify markets that rely on the familiarity of spreadsheets that will benefit by leveraging their existing Excel expertise to create custom web apps.