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Rickard Warnelid Picture

Rickard Wärnelid

Rickard Wärnelid is an internationally experienced entrepreneur, business leader, energy & infrastructure transaction professional and a financial modelling specialist. In the financial modelling community he is recognised for founding Corality in 2005. He has also been contributing towards the continued development of financial modelling best practice since then. Corality was acquired by international advisory, accounting and tax firm Mazars in 2016.

Rickard Wärnelid is currently a Partner at Mazars, focusing on financial modelling courses, development and audits in the energy, infrastructure and environment sectors. Based in Sydney, and a regular traveller, Rickard has colleagues and clients all over the world.


Keynote Session | Finance & Accounting Track

9 February | 12:00-12:45 GMT

Getting it right. Process, culture and software required for increased quality in financial models.

The profound flexibility of Excel enables the creation of comprehensive financial models for complex investments, business cases and strategic plans. A wealth of professionals have dedicated their careers to the construction of these models, and the overall knowledge around best practice, modelling styles and templates have greatly benefited the cause.

Unfortunately the competing factors for quality, complexity and lack of time, have led us to a position where business critical financial models and spreadsheets still have significant errors, resulting in misinformed decisions.

This session will share learnings from Mazars global activities in financial model development and model audit, with a focus on processes, culture and software required for increases quality in financial models. 


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