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Liam Bastick

Liam Bastick

Liam Bastick runs consulting, auditing and training firm SumProduct, offering services in Excel, financial modelling, Power BI, M&A and valuations. With arguably the world’s worst sense of humour, Liam is on a mission to change the world one analyst at a time so they will work more efficiently and effectively in all things decision analytical. Based in Australia but always in the air, Liam is highly proactive in Excel summits around the world (including Amsterdam, Auckland, Brisbane, Kuala Lumpur, London, Melbourne, New York, Perth, Toronto, Sydney and Wellington) and is an established author with six books in Excel, financial modelling, mathematics and Power BI.


Keynote Session

10 February | 11:00-11:45 GMT | Power Query, Power Pivot and Power BI Track

Introduction to Financial Modelling in Power BI

This Keynote Session addresses the way forward for financial modelling.  Many working in banking and finance are creating their financial models in Excel and then importing them into Power BI for graphical interpretation and further analysis.  Nope; not going to do that: Liam Bastick is going to build the model in Power BI. Here are a few words from Liam Bastick himself:


“I can’t stress how far off the range I’m taking the horses.  Want to be a true pioneer?  Some may build the odd financial statement in Power BI, but all three?  This is new. If I build the calculations for financial statements in Power BI, I can produce statements by product, by customer, by geography, by …  Get the picture?  This is the next step in financial modelling.  It’s evolution and critical for businesses in the current global environment.  In just a few short years, Power BI has come from nowhere to become the business intelligence software of choice.  Want to push it to its limits?”

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